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Mom Prays Makes Half-Court Shot Daughters Tuition

Image: Inside Edition

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As if her name didn’t say it all.  Grace, a 9-year old student at Bethany Academy in Bloomington, Minnesota, was given the chance to try her hand at making a Half-Court shot and possibly winning half-off her tuition. The opportunity was presented to her because she raised the most amount of money for “Kids Against Hunger,” a fund-raiser at the school and a local food service program for the homeless.

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When young Grace stepped up to the half-court line, however, her nerves began to take over. Her Mom, Angela Ramey, luckily was there to calm her down. Seeing that her daughter would be unwilling to even try to make the shot, she took the opportunity into her own hands. Bouncing the ball in front of her a few times, adjusting her positioning,  and saying a short prayer. Once she did that, she closed her eyes and let the ball leave her fingertips, lobbing the ball into the air with eyes still tightly clenched shut. The ball bounced a few feet short of the basket. The crowd was noticeably disappointed. In those final seconds, something unthinkable was happening, the ball bounced short but with enough height that it actually went right in. It was a perfect bounce shot. And it completely counted.

The ball flew through the air, inching closer and closer, but a few feet from the basket the ball bounced to the ground. It was an airball. The crowd appeared noticeably disappointed. Yet, in those final seconds, something magical was happening, the ball had bounced short, but with enough height that it actually continued on bouncing right in. It was literally the perfect unintentional bounce shot. It completely counted.

The onlookers and audience went crazy with excitement. Tears from both Grace and her Mother abound as they jumped around the court hugging each other in glee, thankfulness, and disbelief. The crowd couldn’t contain themselves either as the announcer came to congratulate the two in their unlikely victory.

Article/ Video: Inside Edition