These Parents Were Shocked To See THIS About Their Child Being Used Publicly

Imagine one day, you are out to eat at a local restaurant with your family. When you go to the register to pay for the meal, out of the corner of your eye you see a donation box with a very familiar image displayed prominently on the collection box. Once you take a closer look you realize, the picture is of your very own 5-year-old son. Well, this isn’t the plotline to a weird Liam Neeson movie, this was real life for one confused family, from Festus Missouri.

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Sherman Family Charity Cancer Donation Box Picture Sam Mistake Identity

Image: KTVI News

It was supposed to be a nice dinner out for the whole Sherman family at La Pachanga, a local eatery. After finishing their meal, Amber Sherman went up as usual to the front register to pay the bill. As she’s being processed she glances around the front and notices something that catches her eye. It was a picture of her son Sam.

Taken aback as any mother would be, she realizes that his picture has been placed over the image of another child. The implication seemed to be that her son was a victim of Leukemia and he was the display image for the donation box at the restaurant. Sam, however, was perfectly healthy and happy.

Thoughts spiraled through Amber’s head, how did they get a picture of her son, why is it on there, why him, who is this organization, why did the restaurant allow this? All legitimate questions to want to know. She confronted the management about how a picture of her son found it’s way onto their donation box, but the restaurant was unable to give them any definitive answers. To make things even stranger, the picture had a date on the back and, at that time he was not even born yet.

Sherman Family Donation Box Picture Mix Up Mistaken Identity

Image: KTVI News

Matthew Sherman, Sam’s father, was equally confused over the situation. According to the report by KTVI News, “the manager assured the family that all donations go to the Leukemia Society and speculated that the picture of Sam might have been the work of a local prankster.”

But was that the actual reason? The definitive answers have not been forthcoming, however, the manager offered it as being the work of a prankster.  The restaurant was more than willing to remove the image of Sam from the charities donation box, assuring that donations made go straight to the charity.

The Sherman family says they just want’s others to be aware that this is happening, and hope that no other family has to go through a similar situation.

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Article: Fox 2 News
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