How Much Privilege Do You Have?

That was the controversial question posed to students in a Spanish class assignment at Monroe Junior High School in Tampa Florida. The assignment which asked children to “circle all that apply,” included catagories of “Race,” “Skin Color,” “Religion,” “Sex,” “Gender,” “Sexual Orientation” and “Disability,” and parents of the students in the class are up in arms over it.

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Regina Stiles, a mother of one of the students, told WTSP-TV that her 12-year-old daughter didn’t even know many of the terms listed on the sheet, which included things like, “cisgendered,” “transgendered” or “genderqueer,” under categories for gender.

A group of disgruntled parents met to discuss the assignment during a meeting with the Monroe Junior High Principal, Pete Magara. After hearing out their concerns, the teacher was decidedly removed from the classroom and an investigation into the matter was opened.

“Tanya Arja, a spokesperson for the Hillsborough County School District, told TheBlaze, that the “lesson was a teacher-generated assignment without district approval.”

The unamed teacher defeneded the assignment saying it was meant to teach children about “diversity” and “inequality,” however Stiles disagreed with the justification saying, “you’re here to teach my child a foreign language, not anything else.”

Article: TheBlaze