More Christian Churches Being Planted, Than Are Closing In This Protestant Denomination

It’s all too common in news stories these days to hear about young people leaving the church. Reports of long-standing churches closing, denominational splits, and young people filtering off into the new millennial “Non-Affiliated” or “Nones” groups. Meanwhile, a recent study is challenging many of these popular assumptions and is good news for the success of church planting organizations. According to the study, while 3,700 churches have closed their doors in 2014, at least, 4000 new churches have been planted.

“In winning new converts to Christ, church plants are light-years ahead of the average church because of their focus on reaching the unchurched,” said Ed Stetzer, LifeWay Research executive director. The church planting study indicates newly planted churches are more effective in drawing new members.

The study by Lifeway Research highlighted that a few of the keys to the success of these new churches have been in key areas like worship attendance, new commitments, community demographics, church sponsorship/ funding, and the commitment of the church-planters themselves.

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Church Plant Commitments Chart

Image: Lifeway Research

Sponsors of the study included Mission to North America (PCA), Assemblies of God, Path 1 (United Methodist Church), International Pentecostal Holiness Church, Southern Baptists of Texas, the Foursquare Church, and North American Mission Board (SBC). The report was distributed at the bi-annual meeting of the Church Planter Leadership Fellowship.

Study/ Charts: Lifeway Reseach

Church Plant Attendance Chart

Image: Lifeway Research

Church Plant Ethnic Group Study

Image: Lifeway Research

Article: Charisma News