Connecting With God

Morgan Freeman, an award-winning actor, but perhaps best known for his voice-over work as being the “voice of God” in a variety of films, movies, animations, documentaries, and narrations. But in a new docu-series, coming soon to National Geographic channel called  The Story Of God, Freeman is traveling across the globe in search to witness, learn, experience and discover various cultures views on their religion, beliefs, traditions, and their connections with God. While doing initial research for the series, Freeman visited Lakewood Church in Texas, home of the Osteens, and said of his experience there that “he felt connected.” (Continued Below)

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Morgan Freeman Searches God Tv Reality Series

Image: Nat Geo

Freeman, in an interview with Page Six, describes having had a tenuous relationship with the man upstairs. He recalled, “as a child I felt much less of a connection to God when attending church. I went to churches and synagogues, only it never caught hold. At 13, I stopped.”

The positive style of Joel Osteen’s sermon did something for him, “Encouraged to think positive. You don’t just get some things just like that! You have to go do it to get it. God’s plan for us is to succeed.”

The Christian Post recalls, “The godly connection Freeman experienced at Lakewood Church may have begun long before the actor landed in Houston” as he walked away unscathed during a freak accident in his plane while he was en route to the Huston MegaChurch.

Article: Christian Post