Mother Of 4 Is Trying To Raise Awareness About The Most Common Type Of Cancer That No One Pays Attention To…

Image: Emily Corrigan

Image: Emily Corrigan

28-Year-Old mom Emily Corrigan was living her life like any other mom would. Taking care of her children, helping the family thrive were just some of her favorite things to do. But when Emily started getting some really bad headaches, she just brushed them off as them being related to stress. Little did she know, her whole world was going to be turned upside down…

Last July, her husband found Emily passed out in their bed. After not waking up for what seemed like hours, he rushed his wife to the hospital.
There, Emily received grim news on what really was going on in her head.

A brain tumor had developed inside her. And her scars bear testament of that surgery she had that was needed in order for her to survive.

Image: Emily Corrigan

Image: Emily Corrigan

Up until last January, she was rather silent about her experience. That is, until she realized how much awareness there actually was about brain cancers in people under the age of 40.

Brain tumours kill more under 40’s including children then any other cancer. Yet they don’t get the funding or exposure that other types of cancer get. Since I was diagnosed in July, I’ve met parents who’ve lost children, parents who know they are going to die before they see their children grow up, and far too many young people fighting brain tumours. When I went to London for my surgery, there was one lady on my ward (dedicated brain tumour ward) who celebrated her 80th birthday there, everyone else was under 40, and all of us had young children. All types of cancers should be receiving the same level of funding and recognition. More funding is desperately needed for brain tumours as they’re so hard to treat. If my tumour was anywhere else in my body, I would have been given either radiotherapy, chemo or both. But the brain is so sensitive to these therapies, it’s not used until absolutely necessary as it can cause more tumours elsewhere in the brain. So I didn’t any ‘just incase there are any microscopic cells left behind’ therapy. It’s a double edged sword.
To be considered for parliament this petition needs 100,000 signatures and only has 64,000 at the moment. The deadline is 3rd Feb. Please help get this reviewed so the cancer research budget can be spent more fairly.
Without meaning to be boring and keep repeating the same post, please sign this petition if you haven’t already and please share, share and share again!

Her petition for British Parliament to increase funding for the cause, which originally needed 100,000 signatures, has since obtained over 120,000 signatures!

The American Brain Tumor Association says that there are currently 700,000 people living with brain tumors in the U.S.

How can you check if you might have a brain tumor? The symptoms include headaches, difficulty walking, confusion and nausea. The scary part is that those symptoms are all things anyone can attribute to common illnesses.

Article: IJ Review