Mother Shows Heartbreaking Photo Of Her Kids’ Final Moments

Jennifer Neville-Lake gave an emotional and touching statement just after Marco Muzzo was given a 10-year sentence for killing her three children and their grandfather. He decided to drive under the influence of alcohol on a beautiful Sunday afternoon just after 4pm.

“I couldn’t pick which baby to turn off the machines first.” – Jennifer says as tears were flowing from her eyes. The family asked the hospital staff to put their beds together so that they could lay with their children before turning off the machines.

“We put our hands on top of theirs,” she said. “Just like we were there with them when they were born, we were there with both of them when they died.”

The photo she shared with the press is that of 5-year-old Harry and 2-year-old Milly holding hands while their life slipped away. She wants it to be shared, so that no other mother has to feel the sting of loss over a drinking and driving accident.

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