Judge Finds This Baby’s Name To Be Unfit And Illegal!

Baby named cyanide

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Although nobody usually comes between a mother and the name she wants to give her child, this is a special case.

A mother from Powys, Wales, attempted to name her twins “Cyanide” and “Preacher.” The mother believes that “Cyanide” was a pretty name for a little girl with positive connotations. She argued that since it was the poison that killed both Hitler and his accomplice Joseph Goebbels. The mother was really upset that she wasn’t given the right to name her own children.

Mother names baby cyanide

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Justice Eleanor King said that the name could cause emotional distress to the child in the future.

“It is hard to see how … the twin girl could regard being named after this deadly poison as other than a complete rejection of her by her birth mother,” said King.

The twins are currently 8 months of age, and have not legally received a name. They were reportedly conceived of a rape and have been put into foster care along with three half-siblings. The mother has a history of mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse, which is why its hard to tell if the mother is trying to name her daughter “Cyanide” out of resentment.

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Mother names baby cyanide

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Social workers from Powys County Council brought the case to the British Appeal Court, who put an injunction to prevent the mother from legally registering the twin’s names.

“This is one of those rare cases where the court should intervene to protect the girl twin from emotional harm,” said King.

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