A Mass-Shooting That Never Took Place

There is one mass shooting that never made it to the headlines. Why? Because it never happened!

On a fateful afternoon on December 9, 2007, at approximately 1:00 pm, Matthew James Murray walked into New Life armed with enough ammunition to take dozens of lives, but couldn’t because of something that the church didn’t have like other public places.

“Gun-free zones,” such as Columbine High School in Littleton Colorado; Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg Virginia; Fort Hood, Texas and Chattanooga, Tennessee, Century 16 Cinema in Aurora, Colorado, Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut and the recent Umpqua Community College shooting in Roseburg, OR are places to keep in mind.

The “mega” church that is located in Colorado Springs  holds 10,000 congregants within its walls. The church service had just finished and the crowd of churchgoers were busy exchanging words. Murray shot and killed two people in the parking lot before going inside the church to kill the rest of the congregation. Unlike many other incidents, he never got the chance to take more lives because the church  he had planned to shoot was NOT a “gun-free zone”.

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According to ABC,

“Police say in the second attack, Murray was carrying an assault rifle, two handguns, smoke bombs and 1,000 rounds of ammunition.”

Although the man had enough armaments and ammunition to kill dozens, he came across Jeanne Assam who had a concealed weapons carry permit took action. After assessing the situation, she did not hesitate to pull out her gun and drop the assailant down. She shot the 24-year-old gunman several times. Where he then took his own life.

Jeanne Assam says,

“God guided me and protected me [and I] did not think for a minute to run away.”

Many lives were saved that day because Jeanne Assam was able to protect the rest of the congregation. “Gun-free zones” Do Not ensure safety. The only thing they ensure is that you won’t have any means to protect yourself.

Article: ABC/AllenBWest