She Was Mistakenly Perceived As Stillborn And Buried Alive

CHINA – This precious baby girl survived after being buried alive for two hours.The parents of the newborn, He Yong and Lu Xiaoyun, mistakenly believed that she was a stillborn. Lu had experienced sharp pains in her stomach and thought she was only four months pregnant when; however, it was a total of six months. She started to bleed tremendously and passed out on the floor. Her husband discovered Lu in a pool of blood holding the “stillborn” baby.

HAP/Quirky China News/REX

Metro-HAP/Quirky China News/REX

He rushed for an ambulance and when the ambulance arrived they never checked on the baby. [The EMT’s] said it was “pointless” and proceeded to take Lu to the hospital as He told the EMTs that the baby was stillborn.

It was at the hospital when doctors told Lu and He that their baby may still be alive. The mother of Lu had buried the little girl to try to assure Lu wouldn’t see her when she came back.

By the grace of God He Yong found his little girl breathing. No one can deny that this newborns survival is a miracle!

“The child’s miraculous recovery has since been reported by Chinese media, and subsequent donations have allowed her to return to hospital, where she is currently being kept in an incubator.” – Metro

Source: Metro