Newspaper Man Was God-Sent To Rescue Elderly Woman Dying From Hypothermia

Image: Star Tribune

Image: Star Tribune

A Star-Tribune district manager is being hailed as a local hero after he saved a woman’s life, Edith Brekken, when he found her unconscious on her porch.

The morning of, Morris decided to take a different route than his normal one. He is thankful that he did, or else no one knows what would have happened to the elderly woman. He then called an ambulance for the woman, who was taken to a hospital.

“She’s a longtime customer, but I’d never met her personally until this morning,” Morris said in an interview Friday afternoon. “I’m so thankful that she is a subscriber, or else she would have been there until daylight and who knows what.” – Ben Morris

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Morris was delivering papers on Westridge Place at about 4:15 a.m. when he found the elderly woman in pajamas lying on her front porch. Apparently she had slipped and fell. He checked her pulse but found none, her body was already beginning to sucumb to the cold. He put his glasses in front of her mouth and saw that she was just barely breathing. The temperature in which Bekken was found in was said to be 17 degrees, dangerous conditions to be exposed to for so long.

She had been estimated to have been out in that temperature for about 2 1/2 hours, authorities say that if Brekken remained outside for 30 more minutes, she could have died of hypothermia. Indeed, Morris was a god-sent for this elderly woman.

Article: Star Tribune