Bonded In Love

In Alberqurque New Mexico, a special bond developed between an ICU nurse and her patient. For pediatric nurse Amber Boyd, and a very special newbornN named Nicole, the bonds of love weren’t easily broken. According to the Today Show, “Nicole suffered from a rare birth defect called Omphalocele which causes the organs develop in a sac the outside of the body.” For 18 months Boyd was Nicoles primary nurse, and she spent much of everyday caring and tending to her. Until one day, when the “medical costs became too much for the biological family to bare, and the mother’s parental rights were terminated.” Boyd, who was herself adopted as a child, knew she had to help in a big way.

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Premature Baby Birth Defect Adopted NICU Nurse Family Baby Premiee

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Her health began to improve after going through much additional treatment, but the staff began to wonder where Nicole would go when she was discharged. Boyd had already begun the process of becoming her permanent foster parent.

In an interview with WFTV9, her sister Taylor Boyd said, “I don’t think I was surprised at all, to be honest. That’s just the way [Amber] is, she is a very selfless personality. It is very much in her nature.”

The Boyds because Nicoles foster family and they say “they are happy to have her.” Caring for Nicole still isn’t easy, she requires “her trach changed daily, and has endured multiple surgeries, suffering several cardiac arrests” already in her young life.

“She’s incredible,” Amber Boyd said. “She has learned in one short year … to crawl, stand and walk.” Now at age 3, Nicole is a happy toddler and part of a family that cares deeply about her. Taylor Boyd says “I can’t imagine life without her. She has become a huge part of the family.”

Article: WFTV