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North Korea Persistently Denies The Mistreatment Of Evangelists

It is said that North Korea is one of the worst countries to be a Christian, and it certainly goes without saying. It is widely suspected that a large percentage of Christians in North Korea are kept in concentration camps, while many more of them are refuging in neighboring countries.

According to a series of tweets, a member of North Korea’s Committee for Cultural Relations and Foreign Countries made a hostile remark toward Christian evangelists, stating that they “take advantage of drug addicts and homeless people and force them to become evangelists in exchange for a plate of soup.”

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The heated discussion took place between Alejandro Cao, the Special Delegate under Kim Jong Un, and Joel Forster, who is the editor for Evangelical Focus. Cao had indicted Forster as a USA activist rather than a follower of God.

When Forster commented that those who endure Kim Jong Un’s reign would soon receive God’s justice, Cao replied that God “seems to be arriving late. We have been here for 70 years, and many more to come.”

“Genuine freedom of religion or belief is non-existent. Individuals secretly engaging in religious activities are subject to arrest, torture, imprisonment and sometimes execution. While all forms of religion or belief not expressly sanctioned and operated by the state are restricted, Christians experience the most severe persecution,” states The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, on the subject of North Korea.

Dear Heavenly Father,

May you bring light and comfort to our brothers and sisters around the world, wherever they may be! Our Lord, may you be the boundless remedy to us and especially to those that endure such difficult times. In your name we pray, Amen!

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