All It Took Was One Note…

Shalla used to walk right by the same elderly homeless man nearly every day near his encampment at a park in Sao Palo Brazil. She would watch, as 77-year-old Ramundo Arruda Sobrinho, sat there in the same place for years. All she ever saw the man do was simply writing in his notebook, she always wondered what his story was. He never asked her for money, or tried to accost her in any way, so this made her feel more comfortable with him. But one day, that was not unlike the many other previous ones, they had an encounter with each other that would change one of their lives forever.

Shalla casually walked by giving her usual notice to the familiar man. A look, sometimes a smile, was the impersonal way they greeted each other.  This time, however, the man reached into his pocket and handed her something. What he gave Shalla was a poem, which she happily took and went about her day.

When she got home, she emptied her pockets onto the bedroom dresser, a few coins spiraled until coming to a stop and that’s when she noticed the note the man had handed her. Interested in what it might be, she decided to read it, it was a poem she discovered. Thinking to herself, “who knows maybe the man might have some talent.”

She began to read it, and when she did, she became more and more impressed by the man’s talent. Completely touched by the poem, she began to consider ways that she might be able to help him get his work out there.

She decided to create a Facebook page for Sobrinho where he could show off some of his work. It wasn’t very long before the rest of the world began to take notice.

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Video: Nelio Henrique de Oliveira