Nurse Survives A 75 Feet Harrowing Plummet

Angela Weir, a 13-year trauma nurse at the University of Maryland Medical Center, is used to treating patients on a daily basis, so going to the aid of those involved in an accident that she and her husband witnessed, comes as no surprise.

Things, however, went terribly wrong! On their way to the gym, early one morning, they witnessed the collision between a dump truck and a tanker truck. As a “ball of fire” eliminated the dark sky, she jumped out of the car in hopes of assisting the victims. In order to put a barrier between her and the flames she jumped over the concrete wall between lanes . . . or so she thought! She soon realized that she was actually on a bridge and plummeted 75 feet onto the river below. As she was falling, she contemplated whether or not this would be her demise. During the summertime, the river is usually dry, so miraculously she landed in 12 feet of water, missing the trees and the rocks below!

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Once in the river, she realized that she was able to swim, recognizing that she was in fact, unhurt. She finally climbed onto the bank and yelled for help. She was lifted up 90 minutes after her ordeal and was transported to the hospital.

Fortunately, she only had 2 “insignificant fractures” to her tailbone and skull, besides some bruising, so she declares that “It wasn’t my time and God knew that. I have been thanking God all day long.”

Despite her near death experience, she states that she will always be readily available to assist in an emergency. “In my line of work, there’s no way you’re going to sit back and watch something happen. If someone is needing help, I’m not going to not do it. No way,” she stated.

Video: Fox5