A Doggie Inspiration

When his owner died, “Fat Vincent,” was surrendered to K-9 Angels Rescue shelter, in Houston Texas. He had high cholesterol and was depressed from being so unhealthy. His original owner had him on a diet of mainly fast food, but today, this Dachshund doggy is becoming famous for an inspirationally new reason – getting in shape!

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Fat Vincent went from tipping the scales at 38 pounds and barely being able to walk- to losing 21 pounds, which is more than half of his original body weight. With the help of his foster mom Mellissa, Vincent was able to shed the weight by doing water aerobics and going on frequent walks. He now gets a special treat of green beans when he’s really being good.

Fat Obese Dog Fat Vincent Slims Down Gets Healthy Becoming Inspirational

Image: Youtube/ 2News

People everywhere are calling this dog an inspiration to their own personal workout goals, and Vincent doesn’t mind taking the credit. His own goal of 22 pounds is just within reach, and we think he’s on track to be able to do it.

Video: Amanda Ketchledge