In Support Of A Charity, Georgia Officers Do Something A Little Different Toward The Community!

Warner Robins Police Department

Warner Robins Police Department

In late July last month, the police department in Warner Robins, Georgia, teamed up with a local children’s hospital to help out with a fundraiser. Their project consisted of handing out cups of ice cream to traffic violators, rather than tickets.

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The initiative was known as “Traffic Stops For Blizzards” and was purposely created to help out Dairy Queen’s campaign toward the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

“If I don’t follow procedure, I’m violating [the] Fourth Amendment rights of the people I pull over,” stated officer Ed Smith, in reference toward handing out the ice cream to only those who were not following the laws of traffic. Fortunately, each violation made by all the drivers were only minor, and in exchange for paying a fine, they were given a Blizzard cup.

A video documenting the special day was uploaded on YouTube. You can watch it here:

Article: Huffington Post
Video: YouTube