More Harm Than Good

Everyone wants to protect their pets from the nuisances that fly by the night, or the bugs that battles to bite, but sometimes you have to be very careful about the products that you allow near your dogs and cats. When the owners of Onyx the cat went to the local pharmacy in Lexington Georgia to buy a run of the mill, normal flea collar, they never considered the danger they may have just put their cat into- and by their very own hands.

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Flea Collar Cat Danger Harmful Pet Parents Beware

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The flea collar, has been a trusted resource and a remedy for getting rid of flea problems of pets for a long time. Many pet parents completely trusting of the familiar brands of collars that find their way to our pet shop shelves. But when Onyx’s owners bought a Sergeant Dual Action Flea Collar and put it around their cat’s neck, their family pet was never really the same ever again.

Cat Collar Danger Pet Parents Watch Out Product

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Soon after applying the flea collar, they noticed that Onyx almost immediately started to have a strange reaction. In a few days, Onyx began losing his hair and started acting very lethargic. Shortly after that, he began having seizures and became violently ill. Not long after that, his eyesight began to dwindle, and after suffering paralysis, Onyx unfortunately died.

Cat Collar Danger Beware Parent Products Family

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Furious over what had just taken place by the use of a very common product the family wanted answers. They went to the company, yet the company offered them no solace. Other than expressing their condolences for the loss they provided no reason or retribution for what had happened.

As pet parents, we need to be extra cautious of what we allow near or beloved animals. Many flea collars work as they are advertised, and are made from harmless materials- but sometimes cheaply made products lack the oversight and can end up causing more harm then good. If you own a pet you need to know the dangers that are out there.

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