Image: The Guardian

Image: The Guardian

The final 4 occupiers from the Oregon Occupation that has been ongoing for the last 41 days have announced that they are going to surrender today.  The 4 are listed as follows:

  • Sandy Anderson, 48
  • Sean Anderson, 47
  • Jeff Banta, 46
  • David Fry, 27

Reports are that Sandy Anderson has already surrendered to authorities and that the Reverend Franklin Graham and assemblywoman Michele Fiore are on their way to escort the remaining protestors out of the building and assure their safety.

The father of Ammon and Randy Bundy, Clive Bundy was arrested at an airport in Portland, reportedly for charges from 2014.

The incident is ongoing and we’ll keep you updated, but we’ll all be praying for a peaceful resolution.

*Update* David Fry says: “As long as nobody attacks, or tries to get in here, nobody is going to get hurt”… “I’ll kill myself before you can get anywhere near me.”

The dialogue can be heard live Below

Video: Gavin Seim
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