As It Turns Out, Listerine Has More Than 1 Use!

The many uses of listerine


1. Deodorant.

Listerine can double as a deodorant! Just take a cotton ball and soak it in Listerine to dab it under your arms. Listerine kills odor producing germs, so you’ll always stay smelling minty fresh!

2. Dandruff.

Did you know that before it was used as a mouthwash, it was used as a treatment for dandruff? It worked then and it still works now! Hair Sentinel explains each of the four active ingredients in Listerine has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. To use this home remedy, rinse your hair and scalp with a mixture made from 1/4 cup Listerine and 1 cup water.

3. Lice.

Listerine is a safe and effective treatment against lice. The Healthy and Natural World says that by soaking a lice-affected head in Listerine, it will help getting rid of the lice.  After 1 hour, wash the hair with mild shampoo and use a lice comb to remove any dead lice and remaining lice eggs.

4. Acne.

Listerine acts as an astringent to skin problems. The combination that it has of alcohol and antiseptic properties will dry out a pimple super fast.

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5. Cough.

Gargling Listerine twice daily reduced the frequency and severity of coughs and colds.

6. Blisters.

By dipping a cotton swab in Listerine and dab it onto the blister, they will dry up and disappear overnight.

7. Stinky feet.

We’ve already established that Listerine kills bad odors, and stinky feet are no exception! Listerine is especially effective if your smelly feet are a symptom of athlete’s foot., it even makes your feet feel incredibly soft!

8. Toenail fungus.

A Listerine foot bath will be all you need to treat your toenail fungus.  Because Listerine has some super powerful anti-fungal properties, the fungi won’t be able to survive a session!

Article: Remedaily