Parents Now (2016) Facing Charges After Son’s Death In 2012

In South Alberta Canada, Ezekiel, a 19-month-old boy with Meningitis was finally airlifted to the hospital, the damage had already been done. He was now in the late stages of an infection that could have easily prevented or treated with the proper vaccinations. Ezekiel’s parents, David and Collet Stephan, thought they knew better. Instead of getting their toddler vaccinated, their preferred method of treatment was maple syrup.

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They went through a grocery list of home remedies in an attempt to cure their son’s ailment, everything from olive leaf extract to whey protein. When none of those worked,”the Stephans changed treatments to apple cider vinegar, horseradish root, hot peppers, onion, garlic, and ginger root.”

After weeks of suffering, and his condition deteriorating out of control the couple finally gave in and called paramedics. When the boy stopped breathing is when they first sought medical attention. At that point, there was really nothing left for medical staff to do but put the boy on life support- Ezekiel finally died in the hospital 5 days later.

The couple is now facing charges and pleading not guilty to “failing to provide the necessaries of life,” and “if convicted, the Stephans could receive up to five years in jail and lose custody of their remaining children.” The Stephans feel like they are the victims of a corrupt justice system, in a facebook rant the couple asks, “When will we be free?” comparing their struggles with Jesus’, and their movement of anti-vaccinations with Gandhi.

Article: Savage