Pastor Does Not Lose Faith In God Even In Midst Of Tragedy

Tragedy has struck a Florida pastor and his congregation, as 3 of the pastor’s daughters were killed in a car accident that left 5 people dead and a 6 year old boy injured.

“It hurts my heart today to see that I have lost three of my daughters at one time, but even in all of this tragedy I still trust that God is God and his strength is what holds me up.” said the Rev. Ricardo Welch of Prayer Tower Church of God in Christ.

At about 7 p.m. Sunday, Jennifer Zuniga, 30, of Venus, Florida, lost control of her pickup, and struck a vehicle head-on that was carrying the pastor’s three daughters: Tehira, 18, India, 24, and La’Mour Welch, 29.

It is unimaginable. I just can’t even express how hard it is. Anybody knows me knows how much I love my daughters,To lose my daughters in this fashion. It has caused a rip in my heart that cannot be explained. … Inside I am tore up, but the God that is within me rises up” 

Source: WTSP