With God’s Strength And This Man’s Determination, He Is Able To Touch Lives!

24-year-old Philani Dladla grew up struggling with homelessness and drug addiction. As he thrived on the streets empty-handed, he noticed a lot of beggars receiving money for nothing in return. Philani gained an idea that was truly God’s outlet for him in a way where he could get back on his feet and make an impact toward society.

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By reading books consistently, he was able to stop doing drugs and become even more inspired. Then, he took those books and either sold them or sold his reviews on them. This way, he could use the earnings to become a better person and turn his little idea into a growing business! This is where he gained the nickname, ‘Pavement Bookworm‘.

“[So] I started using the money I got from selling books to buy everyone soup and bread everyday instead of spending that money on drugs. Seeing their smiles motivated me to keep using the little I had to spread happiness. From that point on, I knew I never wanted to go back to being a drug addict.”

Through his journey, he has learned to love helping young children read and wants to continue spreading that positive impact for as long as he can. He set up a Book Reader’s Club where children can go to after school until their parents pick them up. What a sweetheart! Check out his website to learn more at Pavement Bookworm.

Article/Video: One, CCTV Africa