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Nicole and her two children were getting very excited for an upcoming Monster Jam car show in Syracuse, New York. So when she first purchased what looked to be a rather normal version of a stuffed hot-pink off-road toy truck, she didn’t think much of it. It wasn’t until doing a bit of research on the common-looking symbols printed on the back that Nicole discovered the horrifying double-meaning to the prominent markings.

The bright pink toy truck she purchased, featured a fairly common symbol that only secretively communicated the more sinister and darker meaning to those that were aware.

The marking, which was a “heart surrounded by another heart,” which “some experts say is used by pedophiles [and human-traffickers] to secretly communicate “this child is ready to be traded for sex, or available for purchase.”

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Nicole’s sister first noticed the symbol while watching an episode of  “Law and Order: SVU.” In the episode, the symbol was featured along with the meaning “Girl Lover.” After alerting Nicole to the possible danger, and remembering it appeared on her own child’s toy, is when she began to really research mark for herself.  She soon realized the unspeakable ramifications it could have had for her and her kids had she not known about it.

Since the discovery, Nicole has been spreading the word as much as she could through social media. After the barrage of outrage from parents, the company decided to start removing the toy from shelves. It remains unknown to what extent the value the symbol actually holds to pedophiles, but parents should still be aware of the hidden meaning that it carries. “Many parents are only learning of this sickening “Girl Lover” symbolism now, because of Nicole’s story- and if it saves only one child it is worth being aware of.

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Article: NBC 26

Video: NBC 26