Pen Pals Friends 38 Years Meet First Time Ever

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Pen Pals

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Since they were kids, Beth Graham and Sandy Fischer have been lifelong friends. Over the years, their friendship has grown stronger and the details of their lives they’ve shared, more intimate. For over 38 years the two have stood by each other through thick and thin, although physically they have never really met. Their relationship began in the 5th grade as pen pals, and they are meeting each other literally for the first time EVER!

They met haphazardly in the 5th grade after they both ended up replying to an invitation requesting a pen pal through an old television show called “Big Blue Marble.” They hand wrote each other letters for many years, but as technology and communication methods have advanced they adapted, first to email and then to facebook which was easier to use. Still, one thing about their friendship had bothered them both. They still had never met each other.

However, despite the distance, the two friends finally seized an opportunity. When Sandi was visiting Pennsylvania from Colorado, the long distance friends after almost four decades got their first chance to meet face to face- And it was Beautiful.

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Video: Inside Edition
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