A New Reason To Penny Pinch

Here’s a way to catch someone’s attention, and it may only cost you a few dollars to do. Next time you find yourself with a jar full of loose change try making something creative out of your pennies! We bet that anyone who sees your penny artwork will marvel at the project.

1. Penny your countertop!

Penny Projects

Image: handimania.com

The awesome thing about pennies is that they blend well with their surroundings. The many shades of copper brown can bring just about any type of feeling to a home or display.

2. Penny a vase!

Penny Projects

Image: handimania.com

Who would have thought that pennies could be so classy!

3. Penny your napkin rings!

Penny Projects

Image: kosheronabudget.com

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4. Penny letter art!

Penny Projects

Image: shoestringmag.com

This is penny couture.

5. Penny your frames!

Penny Projects

Image: honeysweethome.blogspot.ca

Bowling ball meets yard art.

6. Penny your outdoors!

Penny Projects

Image: houseofhawthornes.com

Our personal favorite, give your room an elegant look with penny flooring!

7. Penny your floors!

Penny Projects

Image: Imgur

The ideas are endless!

Penny Projects

Image: domesticimperfection.com

Now go out there and be creative. Tell us what you think of these ideas in the comments.

Article: LifeAspire