Destruction Continues Unabated

The reign of destruction being carried out in the East by ISIS is still going strong. This time, they had their sights set on one of Christendoms oldest’s monasteries. U.S Col. Steve Warren told Fox News “this is a battle of savagery vs. decency” and his words ring true in the latest target of devastation.

The targeted monastery has stood the test of time. Surviving as a place of worship through countless wars, battles, onslaughts, and skirmishes for over 1,400 years. Even in modern times, the building has been used by U.S. troops as a site to worship. Yet, despite the rich and turbulent history surrounding region, it only took one devastating act of zealotry by a group of madmen, and another piece of Christian church history is gone without a trace.

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“This enemy has proven time and again its ruthlessness, its barbarity, and its willingness to destroy everything from human life to civilian supporting infrastructure, to, you know, cultural artifacts, with absolute disregard for history, for humanity, or for anything that approaches decency,” Col. Warren explained to Fox.

Christian Church Monastary History Destroyed ISIS

Image: NewsBeat Social/ Monastery 2013

Aside from trying to completely wipe out the chronicles of Christian history and identity throughout the region, the U.N. has also recently recognized the targeting of Christians as an act of genocide. The Christian population in Iraq has dropped dramatically since ISIS has taken over what once was a thriving 1.3 million, has dwindled to less than 300,000 as recent numbers have shown.

Historic Christian Monastery Destroyed ISIS Middle East

Image: Site Before and After ISIS Attack

Among a few of the other historic sites that ISIS has also destroyed during their reign of terror has been: Jonah’s Tomb- The burial site of the biblical Jonah in Ninevah. Josephs Tomb- Which is believed to be the site of burial for the biblical hero. The Temple Of Baalshamin- which was a temple in dedication to the worship of the Pagan god Baal. Palmyra- which was part of the Roman Empire, Mar Elian Monastery a Christian Monastery captured by Augustus, Apamea an ancient Roman trading site. Hatra- which was the capital of a Kingdom in the Roman Empire. Among many many other famous sites from biblical antiquity.

Article: Fox News

Video: NewsBeat Social