What A Loyal And Brave Hero – God’s Creatures Are So Great!

A golden retriever named Yolanda has rescued her owner from a house fire by dialing 911 on a specialized phone.

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Yolanda, a service dog, takes care of her owner, Maria Colon, who had lost her eyesight in 1992. When a fire broke out in her home on Thursday, she shouted the word “danger” which then signalled Yolanda to call for help.

“I hear the phone — tke, tke, tke. And she’s growling. And I said, ‘Oh my lord, she called the police,'” said Maria.

Yolanda didn’t stop there — she even pulled Maria out of the house until police and firefighters arrived. Maria was rescued, and Yolanda was awarded with treats, food and toys.  What a sweet and brave dog!

Article/Video: NBC10