Police Officer Makes Unusual Rescue

Seasoned Police Officer, James Givens, from the Cincinnati Police Department, thought he had seen it all. That all changed when he was summoned for help by the most unusual of complainants, a distraught mother goose. He first noticed that the goose was “requesting” help when it began pecking the side of his patrol car and wouldn’t stop. Naturally, Officer Givens thought was that she might be hungry and tried giving her some food. But when that didn’t prevent her from pecking he decided to investigate further. As it turns out, the mother goose was trying to get his attention for a much more urgent reason. To come to the aid of her helplessly trapped gosling tangled in a balloon string.

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Thanks to the tireless investigative efforts of Officer Givens, a baby goose has been rescued. Thank you for your service Officer Givens! You are our special hero.

Video: James Givens