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When Gainsville Police Department received a call from a concerned neighbor regarding a group of kids playing basketball out in front of their house, as usual, it required dispatch to send an Officer to the scene. With all the terrible news these days, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine all the various way that a call like this can turn ugly pretty quickly. Especially when involving a group of African American teenagers, and Community Police Officers. However, in this situation, the unlikely story that began to unfold which was captured by the police cruiser dashcam has been bringing smiles to everyone’s faces.

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Cop Called Kids Plays Basketball Slam Dunk

Image: Inside Edition

Once arriving on the scene of the ball playing group of kids, Officer Bobby White, reassures the kids that he has no problem with them playing. He then grabs the basketball and commences to shoot a lay-up, dunk, and plays a pick-up game with the boys.

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After wrapping up their pickup game, Officer White, promises the team of kids that he would be back- but next time he would be bringing back-up. A few days later, the Gainsville Police Department helped Office White make good on his promise in a way no one would ever suspect. They brought in Superstar NBA Player, Shaquille O’Neal, unannounced into the office and briefed a very shocked department that he would be joining them as “back-up” on this assignment.

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Cop Plays Kids Dunk Backup Shaquille O'Neal

Image: Gainsville Police Department

White, along with several other officers, were now fully prepared to take on the kids as they began arriving back on the scene. He walks up to the kids grinning from ear-to-ear, anxious and excited to reveal his very large, secret weapon. Check out these children’s priceless reaction to meeting one of their favorite NBA Players.
At a time when relationships between police officers and their communities have been severely strained, it is good people like Officer White and small acts like this, that help to re-build and re-establish the trust that has been lost for so many.

Article: Yahoo News 
Video:Inside EditionGainesville Police Department