Cop Does Justice To The National Anthem

During a recent West Virgina Basketball game, a snowstorm caused the singer initially booked to sing the National Anthem to become a no-show. Organizers for the event scrambled to find a suitable replacement that had the chops to take on the beloved song. The person they found was Officer Carlton Smith, a West Virginia Police Officer, who had previously been a contestant on American Idol.

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Cop Sings National Anthem Late Singer Basketball Game West Virginia Amazes Crowd

Image: Inside Edition

Officer Smith, was no stranger to the National Anthem, doing prior renditions at smaller venues and school sporting events. Smith told Inside Edition, “They were like, hey we need a favor. Can you sing the Anthem?” He asked, “How long do I have?” “About 5 Minutes,” they answered. Smith agreed, allowing the game to go on without a hitch. Not only that, but he really does the song justice. Watch as Officer Carlton Smith brings the crowd to their feet with his version of the National Anthem.

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Article: FoxSports