Man Was Saved Just Seconds Before Train Struck

Sunnyvale CA – Two fast-thinking deputies, Lance Whitted and Erick Rueppel, were only a few blocks away when they heard a car crash. Right away, they saw that a car had crashed into the railroad crossing and did what they could, said sheriff’s spokesman, Salvador Zuno.

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It was in the South Mary Avenue intersection where the car was trapped under the crossing’s gate. At that moment, a train was soonly going to approach at 6:40 p.m.

One of the officers was able to open the car door and yank the driver out. Both he and the man, who was stuck in the car, began running but then the man fell to the ground. The officer did what he could to get the man in his 20’s to safety and begain to drag him out of the train’s path.

The other officer at that same moment tried to signal the train to stop.

Only seconds later, Caltrain No. 385 barreled through and smashed through the front of the car.

The video below is truly a remarkable sight.

Article: NY Daily News
Video: LiveLeak