Police Officer Pulled Over A Truck Driver, But Instead Of Giving Him A Ticket He Did Something Extra Special

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Video Screenshot

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Rodney Gibson, a truck driver, was speeding down a highway when Sgt. Durnil pulled him over. The Indiana State Police Sgt. Todd Durnil was determined to give Gibson a speeding ticket, but something happened that night that would move even the toughest of hearts.

As it turns out, Gibson was going through a tough time that night because his mind was on one thing only: his daughter’s breast cancer was there to stay. It was clouding his mind so much, that he didn’t even realize how fast he was going.

Sgt. Durnil noticed a little angel pinned to Gibson’s sun visor, it was the same one as the one he owned.

“Here I was thinking this man needs prayer, and now he’s asking me for a prayer. The good Lord put us together for a purpose.” – Sgt. Durnil

The men then prayed to God for help and guidance.

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