Polish Botched Abortion

The Hour After

Recently, it has been reported that after a botched abortion on a baby named Connie, medical staff at Holy Hospital in Poland, left her alive writhing in agony and crying out in pain – only to eventually die from the trauma of the procedure hours later. That’s right. They tried to abort a baby before the delivery and failed.

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Connie was born on March 7, 2016, at just 24 weeks her mother wanted to abort her because she had down syndrome. According to Republika Television, witnesses say the child was left crying for over an hour before eventually dying. Hospital representative Dorota Jasłowska-Niemyska explains that, “a patient at the end of the 23rd week of pregnancy came to the hospital. When her tests revealed that she was expecting a baby with Down Syndrome, the mother made the decision to go through with an abortion.” Dorota Jasłowska-Niemyska said, “everything that happened thereafter was according to the law and medical procedures.”

She even had the audacity to say that the dignity of the patient and the dignity of the fetus were respected.

“Those are details which I can’t talk about. It is confidential, and I am not allowed to comment on the details of this procedure.”

There are only 3 situations in which abortion is legal in Poland.

1. If the mother’s life is endangered.

2. If the pregnancy was a result of a criminal act.

3. If the baby has a severe and irreversible handicap or an incurable and life-threatening disease.

Pro-life supporters are urging the Warsaw prosecutors to charge the hospital with criminal conduct.

“According to the Polish Criminal Code, the newborn baby was a “child” (article 148 section 1 Criminal ) A doctor’s ultimate responsibility is to do no harm, once a baby is born, it has become their job to ensure that they do anything they can to try to keep that person alive.

Praying For Baby Connie and The Mother.

Article: TheGlobalDispatch, Lifesite News