This Condition Is Making Them Feel Hunger ALL THE TIME!

Hunger condition

Image: Barcroft

These twin boys have an endless hunger that no meal can satisfy!

Stevie and Eddie Ahern, 12, were born with a rare combination of autism and Prader-Willi Syndrome. Prader-Willi Syndrome is a rare a condition that causes an insatiable appetite. They will eat just about anything!

“They can never feel full, so they could potentially eat themselves to death,” their mother, Dianna Schatzlein-Ahern, told Barcroft. “I even have to lock up all of the medications in my room, then lock the bedroom door once I’m going to sleep.”

She has had to put padlocks on the refrigerator and a broom in the closet to be sure that the kids don’t eat the cleaning supplies.

The demands of Stevie and Eddie’s condition proved to be too much on Dianna’s relationship with their father.

“I’ve been living with just the boys for two years now,” she said. “I still see my other two children, but it’s hard being away from them.”

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The condition also causes the boys to have violent outbursts.

“Stevie can be very violent, he will just pop and start knocking things over,” Dianna said. “He goes after Eddie all the time. I just say ‘Eddie, go in mommy’s room and wait’, but it can take hours for him to come out of it.”

“I try to explain to them that they will be taken away from me, that they’ll have to go to a hospital, but they’re not able to understand,” she added.

Dianna plans on making it work with her hungry hungry hippos.

“I really don’t know how I cope. It’s taxing, but I can’t have a nervous breakdown because I’m all they have.”

“They’re such good kids, they’re very loving to me and I love them so much,” she said.

“I’ll keep fighting for them as long as I can.”

Our prayers go out to the Ahern family. Lord, comfort them throughout their battles.

Article: New York Post