Christians have been severely criticized these last couple of years. Since same-sex marriage has become legal in all 50 states, the hate towards Christians has become even worse. Father Jonathan Morris, a Catholic priest frequently seen on Fox News, reported via Twitter Sunday that during a pro-gay marriage parade in New York, “two men walked by and spat on me.”

On Monday, he spoke with Fox News host Sean Hannity about the disturbing incident that he said occurred while he was making his way out to dinner.

“I don’t want to make this about me, there’s a lot of people who are gay who have been fighting for gay marriage for a long time, who have probably been spat on and a lot worse by people on my side (those of traditional marriage),” Morris told Hannity.

“I was in my clerical collar, I was going to a dinner. I was just off the parade route and people, I think, were very excited about having won this legal victory — probably drunk, perhaps wonderful good people. It shows that there is tremendous amount of emotion and tension on both sides and we, as a country, need to get above that and to say let’s use rational arguments and respect our law.”

Priest Jonathen Morris had the best response to these men. He treated them with nothing but grace and love. I hope that this story enlightens others to know that Christians are not hateful people rather people who abide by God’s Law.

Source: Fox News