Love Them Out Of The Industry

With Valentines Day this past weekend, one Pro-Life organization decided they were going to try a new approach with abortion workers. Love them. All this month across the country, hundreds of volunteers will be delivering love letters along with flowers to abortion clinic workers. Their message is simple: “We love you, and healing is possible.”

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Pro Life Pro Choice Abortion Workers Send Flowers Cards Valentines Day

Image: Facebook/ AndThenThereWereNone

They called it the ‘Love One Out’ campaign, Abby Johnson, President of (ATTWN) “And Then There Were None,” created the campaign because she said, “sometimes all it takes is showing someone in a difficult place a little love to help them move to a better place.”

Lifesite news reports, “We thought that if we send a message of love to these clinics, letting these workers know that we care about them and that we truly want something better for them, that we are willing to provide options, it might resonate with them,” said Johnson.

The over 700 Abortion clinics throughout the U.S. will be receiving an unexpected surprise of cards and flowers instead of hate mail and hostility that they have come to expect from most Pro-Life organizations. Hopefully, the kindness will pull on the heartstrings of someone who has been wanting to get out of the industry but saw no other option.

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Johnson knows first-hand the struggles that someone in the industry goes through on a daily basis in an abortion clinic. “As a former abortion clinic worker, I remember wanting to leave the industry but wondered how it would be perceived. Would someone love me enough to help me get out? I knew that I deserved better, and when I left the abortion industry, I wanted to help other workers leave as well, which is why I started ATTWN,” she said.

Aside from the “Love One Out” Campaign, Johnson also runs a year-round website called that allows people the opportunity to write a personal letter to an Abortion Clinic worker. The goal of Johnson’s campaign is that the letters and flowers will inspire abortion clinic workers to leave the industry and ultimately transition to something better.

Article: Life-Site News