Why You Should Fall In Love With Man Who Has Jesus In His Heart And Not A Boy

Ladies, admit it. At times we may feel some sort of infatuation towards a guy who probably isn’t the best choice out there. It is easy to spot immaturity, not only in attitude but also in spirituality. While we ‘fall’, we may think that their charm and boyish good looks are enough to cover the parts that are not so pretty. These are the reasons why you should wait to fall in love with a mature man and not a boy who is still learning life.

Why you should love a man, not a boy.

A boy is possessive. A man is protective.

A boy will use your body. A man can wait.

A boy doesn’t have plans for you. A man sees having a future with you.

A boy will stick for lust. A man will stick because you are important.

A boy will cheat. A man is faithful.

A boy will say, “I cheated because I’m just a person.” A man will say, ” I will defy temptations because I don’t want to hurt you.”

A boy will take advantage of your weakness. A man will uplift you to be better.

A boy won’t understand your tantrums. A man knows how how to tame you.

A boy will meet you somewhere else. A man visits you at home.

A boy just wants your body. A man wants your soul and your senses.

A boy wants his world to revolve around him. A man is supportive of your dreams.

A boy has a lot of rules. A man will trust you.

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A boy will be affected by what others will say about you. A man will accept you as who you are.

A boy will just flirt with you. A man will really pursue you.

A boy will just love you when you are whole. A man will love you even if you are imperfect.

A boy has no balls to face responsibility. A man is responsible.

A boy will treat you as an option. A man will make you his priority.

A boy will make promises. A man will keep his words.

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