God Finds A Way

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A woman named Kristine Moore’s undying love for Ruffles potato chips may have actually saved her life. It has been her lunchtime chip-of-choice for at least 20 years, but when a sharp piece broke off cutting the roof of her mouth, it turned into a life-saving snack.

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Woman's Life Saved By Potato Chip

Image: NewsChannel10

After the chip broke off in her mouth she began complaining of a pain. When Kristine’s husband looked inside her mouth and assess the situation, he noticed that her tonsils were unusually swollen, and there was weird “stuff on them.” Deciding it was probably the best idea to go and seek medical advice about the issue, she headed to the doctor’s office the very next day.

First, they ordered a test to see if it was strep throat, the results came back negative. Next, her doctors took a biopsy, and to everyone’s surprise, Kristine’s swollen tonsils were actually the result of a tumor; specifically “squamous cell carcinoma, on her left tonsil.”

Kristine’s doctors say that if it weren’t for the chip,” she may not have felt the tumor until her cancer progressed.” She has since called to thank the frito-lays company and tell them her story. Kristine says she will be eating he potato chips “until I can’t eat them anymore.”

Article: NewsChannel10
Video: Inside Edition