Santa Claus Awaiting Leg Amputation Gets A Christmas Miracle!

For many years now, Allen Young from Kansas would dress up as Santa and would make special appearances at The University of Kansas Hospital to bring some joy to the kids who needed it most. His late wife, Laura, would support him as Mrs. Claus. Laura died of cancer last year, and one of her requests was that her husband would continue the Santa tradition, even after her death.
“My wife told me before she died to continue playing Santa,” Young said, according to KSHB. “She loved babies and she loved kids.”

Although Young wanted to be fully committed to this task, he was having some serious health problems of his own. He’s faced with the possibility of having one of his legs amputated, something that would almost have him disqualified to play the role of Santa. Never did he expect the miracle that was coming his way…

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Video: KUHospital