Last week on a beach in Massachusetts, a Texas family thought they were having another day of beautiful vacation. But their vacation took a skew. When Derrick Johns and his sixteen-year-old daughter Erynn went out into the water, they were caught in a vicious rip tide. Amazingly, the experience was captured on a Go-Pro camera on a selfie stick. As Erynn struggled to stay above the current trying to pull her under, her Mom was able to drag her to safety by the selfie stick. Derrick was helped to shore by a group of “Good Samaritans” and both were lucky to be alive.

The family credits the trendy tool for saving Erynn. Maybe these selfie sticks aren’t all bad…God was certainly watching out for Erynn and her family that day!

Remember, be careful when swimming in the ocean. If you are in the water and see an area that is choppy, swirling, or different colored, avoid it. A break in the incoming wave line may also indicate the presence of a rip tide. If you notice a steady line of water or seaweed going out to sea, stay away!

Source: Ortega