Komal Ahmed grew up in Las Vegas where being homeless is actually illegal. She was sheltered from ever seeing a homeless person, that is until she moved to college to Berekely California

Her heart broke as she realized there were thousands of homeless people. When one of them approached her for money she instead decided to invite him to lunch. She learned that the man she’d invited to lunch was actually a 26-year-old veteran, who had served 2 tours in Iraq and was now on the streets.


Ahmed felt convicted to do something extraordinary and she did! She created a company and she’s managed a team to redistribute over 684,000 pounds of food and have fed over a 570,000 people in the Bay Area.

The young CEO told CNET about her hopes to expand her vision into Seattle and Boston.

“These are huge cities that have absurd amounts of food thrown away every day… We are trying to make the Bay Area a case study to say ‘Hey, if it works here, it can work anywhere.’”

The EPA estimates that 50 million Americans don’t have access to enough food, while 365 million pounds of edible food are thrown away every day. Ahmed puts into perspective the amount of food thrown away each day:

“Imagine a football stadium filled to its brim. That’s how much food goes wasted every single day in America.”

With open-handed people like Komal Ahmed and food recovery organizations like Feeding Forward, we can stop wastefulness and hunger here in America.