Survivor Of A Shipwreck Thinks God Curses Him When In Reality It’s A Blessing

As the short story goes, a man got shipwrecked onto an island.

He prayed intensly for guidance and for safety to God. After his prayer, he built himself a hut for shelter and went off to find more resources for the night.

When he came back to his little campsite, he found that his hut was going up in flames. He was quick to blame God for this terrible curse.

Just moments later, he noticed that a ship was headed his way. It was because of the smoke that the fire caused that he was able to be found.

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It was because of the smoke, the thing he thought was a curse from God, that he was able to be found. We too are put into similar situations such as this.

There are things we might perceive as curses and unfortunate events when really they’re there to guide us and help us grow throughout life.

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