Her Family And Neighborhood Are Raising Money To Get Her A Service Dog

According to CBS Los Angeles, Aeverie is allergic to 65% of all foods. Anything from pollen to just a sniff of a peanut can put Aeverie in critical condition. She was kissed once on the forehead by someone who had eaten something she was allergic to. The result was that the 5-year-old wound up on a respirator for 6 days. She is forced to live in fear because literally anything can kill her. As you can imagine, her condition prevents her from having any kind of normal human interactions.

Her mother is raising money to buy Aeverie a service dog that will protect her during all times of the day.

“The dog will be trained to specifically sniff out the proteins in peanuts and tree nuts that are not visible to the human eye, and alert Aeverie and her handler, who would be me.” explains her mom, Stephanie.

A service dog is very expensive, $15,000 to be exact. People from her county have been helping out and according to their GoFundMe page, they have already received $12,000.

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Video: CBS Los Angeles