You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is To Detect Early Alzheimer’s Disease!


Image: YouTube Screenshot

Alzheimer’s disease is an aggressive type of brain disease in which an individual eventually loses their ability to retain anymore memory, or loses most of their memory. Such disease often develops with the elderly. It is a terrible thing to have lived all your life, made beautiful memories, just to have them washed off by this malignant disease.

Thanks to researchers like Jennifer Stamps, there is now a way to detect and confirm a diagnosis of an early stage of the disease. Stamps, along with student in the UF McKnight Brain Institute Center for Smell and Taste, reported to have found a correlation between the sense of smell and Alzheimer’s disease.

They found that the first cranial nerve is associated with the ability to smell. The sense of smell is one of the first things to be affected by the cognitive delcine that Alzheimer’s brings.

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Video: UFHealth