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Brittani and Ian McIntire from Hutchinson Kansas had a growing family. With two girls already and two more on the way, it sounded like the perfect family. That was, until Doctors discovered one of their unborn children wouldn’t survive. One of the twins had a hole in his heart, and the other had an abnormal brain- both conditions looked grim. Still, as a pregnant mother facing the tough days ahead, the family wanted a picture of her twins and went in for a sonogram. But one thing neither the family nor the medical staff ever expected to see when they saw the image was this…

Usually with twins you see them trying to jockey for position in the womb. Pushing, kicking, and struggling against each other, but these twins were different. When they all laid eyes on the image it revealed the tiny twins protectively embracing each other, holding each others hands.

Brittani, in a interview with KWCH 12recalls the moment “We didn’t really see much, she said there’s his hand and there’s her hand and it looks like they’re holding hands.” After a bit of a closer inspection, they found that Mason the male twin had his hand wrapped tightly gripping the hand of his sister Magdalene.

The family remains optimistic, despite the doctor’s predictions. Ian, the twins father explains, “We know we have a piece of them together that will last forever and it’s special to have.”

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