Touching Photos Of Special Education Teacher Walking Students Home After School

Photos of special education teacher Carl Schneider walking home students from the Whitney Achievement Elementary School in Memphis have gone viral. This good deed that would otherwise have gone undetected is touching many hearts across the nation.

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Image: Whitney Achievement Elementary /

Image: Whitney Achievement Elementary

Mr. Schneider is one of five teachers from Whitney Achievement Elementary who have volunteered to walk home with 200 students who live within a mile or two of the school. Each day after school, Schneider, Kevin Sullivan, Auriel Rolle-Polk, Allison Thompson, Valeria Bostick assist the special education students. They divide the school kids into two groups based on where they live and accompany them to ensure sure they all arrive home safely.

“We can just get to know the kids and talk about what they did over the weekend or how their behavior was at school that day or what they learned,” Schneider told Fox13.


Image: Whitney Achievement Elementary


Image: Whitney Achievement Elementary


Image: Whitney Achievement Elementary


Image: Whitney Achievement Elementary

Carl Schneider, we would like to thank you for your incredible sense of love and compassion for your students. A big heart like yours is wonderful to be recognized and shared. You are a great role model for old and young generations alike. May God bless you abundantly!

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