Staten Island is on high alert right now as a retired police officer has snapped pictures of what appears to be several people carrying assault rifles.

According to CBS NEW YORK the NYPD has issued an alert to:

“Be on the lookout”

There is currently a debate on whether or not they are paintball guns or assault rifles.

Image Provided By:  NYPD

Image Provided By: NYPD

Police have set up checkpoints leaving Staten Island searching for two SUVs with New Jersey license plates A83FCB and PSJ52V.

Military bases on the East Coast have already heightened security due to the tragic loss of 4 Marines on Thursday, July 17th 2015.

Everyone here at GodFruits pray that everything works out ok and that it’s nothing but a misunderstanding.

Holy Lord,

Please be with our law enforcement officers today as they investigate this terrifying incident.  Please be with the families of those who lost their lives yesterday and please allow your grace to flow through everyone involved so that good decisions will be made.  Protect everyone on and around Staten Island during this heart wrenching time.