THIS Is Why You Shouldn’t Kill Every Snake You See

Having a close encounter with a snake can be frightening to some people, which may cause humans to react violently towards them. The truth his, snakes just wanna grub on some smaller prey, they want nothing to do with you, they know you’re a danger.

According to Texas Hill Country, there is a snake out there that’s on our side. Identifying which one it is will help bring you peace of mind.

Image: Texas Hill Country

Image: Texas Hill Country

THIS is a one good reason NOT to kill every snake you see. Texas Indigo snake eating a Rattler. The guy who took this pic said “it was still rattling all the way down.” unsure emoticon They don’t hurt humans or dogs!! There ARE snakes that are GOOD to have around, because they target the deadly ones. Just thought I’d share for those of you who think, or have friends who think, “the only good snake is a dead snake.” NOT TRUE!! In fact, it is against FEDERAL LAW to kill an Indigo. There’s only 4 poisonous snakes in the USA… Rattler, Coral, Copperhead & Water Moccasin (Cottonmouth). Learn about them & please don’t kill every snake you see. It’s important. –CG
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