Store Takes Down Mannequins And Transforms Them Into Something Inspirational!

Stores across any nation in the world will often use mannequins that have seemingly an ‘ideal’ body shape for men and women. Store owners dress up their mannequins in the most trending fashions to be displayed for the world to see.

We sometimes strive to have that ideal ‘perfect’ shape, but in reality, we are all ideal just the way God created us.

And as for some people, the idea of having a ‘perfect’ body will never be a reality. Some people who have been born with abnormalities and disabilities will never achieve that mannequin physique.

This is why a non-profit independent group called Pro Infirmis went out of their way to show the world that perfection is not limited to how it has been portrayed by the media.

They took a bunch of ‘perfect’ mannequinns and with the help of a handful of disabled people, they turned them into a truly wonderful creation.

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Video:Pro Infirmis